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          1号 - 位置位置位置!


          2号 - 社区 


          3号 - 支付能力

          Not only do we provide purpose-built student accommodation for those from remote areas, there is also highly affordable rental accommodation in the 米尔迪拉, 天鹅山, 霍舍姆 & Robinvale的 districts. Add to this the fact that much of the food available throughout the area is grown locally, and is therefore cheap, and you're looking at a really affordable lifestyle.

          Number 4 - The Food & Wine

          Known around Australia for its gourmet delights, the Sunraysia area boasts a multitude of wineries, the Slow Food 米尔迪拉 organisation, the Sunraysia Farmers Market, great cafes & restaurants, and local fruit farms, all on your doorstop.

          Number 5 - Recreation & Lifestyle

          For those who love the outdoors, there's no shortage of natural attractions to visit, given our proximity to the Murray & Loddon Rivers, the Willandra Lakes, Mungo National Park, to name just a few. And if arts & culture are more your thing, the region is home to over 300 community events and festivals a year, which pretty much fills up your weekend calendar with things to do. Mildura also has a fantastic arts precinct - 米尔迪拉 Arts Centre & Gallery - which hosts world-class exhibitions and events throughout the year. In other words, there's never any reason to be bored!

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